March 7, 2023

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Non-profits and bird enthusiasts are urging government officials to address traffic issues in Keaukaha after a nene (native Hawaiian goose) was killed by a driver. The Mattisons, founders of the ‘Aina Ho’ola Initiative, have been working to restore Lokowaka Pond for native bird populations. The recent death of a nene has renewed calls for traffic calming measures, such as flashing lights or speed tables. In response, the county Parks and Recreation Department plans to put up more nene crossing signs in the area. However, concerns remain that without further action, accidents involving nene and possibly humans will continue to occur.

We submitted a request to DLNR for the incident report and have attached it to this post. Please note that it does contain graphic images. The driver who killed C10 went on to receive a DUI and was imprisoned for reckless driving 2 days later.

DOCARE Incident Report