Nēnē Sightings vs. UFO Sightings in Hawaiʻi

Every Sunday, we take a break to explore new and interesting datasets. This keeps our work enjoyable and helps us develop new data analysis skills! 

This week we are comparing UFO Sightings and Nēnē Sightings in Hawaiʻi! For this dataset we are using the UFO Sightings dataset from National UFO Reporting Center and eBird. We build lots of maps for our internal operations. This helps us keep track of seasonal movements, nesting locations, etc. Embedding these maps onlinecan be difficult so we wanted to explore quick and easy ways to share these types of data on our website! 

eBird Basic Dataset. Version: EBD_relNov-2023. Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Nov 2023.