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USGS Bird Banding Lab - 1015 Sightings

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park - 947 Sightings

Hawaiʻi DLNR - 603 Sightings

ʻĀina Hoʻōla Initiative - 66 Sightings

Bret Mossman - 48 Sightings

Wendy Feltham - 45 Sightings

Sarah Tolmie - 41 Sightings

Saxony Charlot - 26 Sightings

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Our projects focus on four main things:
1. We gather information about when and where nēnē are seen. This helps us understand their movements and define their critical habitats.
2. Long term sighting data allows us to estimate the population size, better understand longevity in different locations, and address health issues and injuries.
3. The contributors metric helps us monitor our outreach and education efforts to gauge community participation.
4. Mongoose may be one of the biggest threats to the recovering nene population. We use a variety of methods to remove these invasive species from the landscape to increase nesting success.

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