Nēnē Feeding to End at Hawai’i Island Shopping Center

DLNR News Release April 12, 2023 TLDR; In response to a petition started by Kāko’o Haleakalā, the DLNR has ordered the removal of cat-feeding stations at a Hawai’i Island shopping center after receiving complaints that the endangered nēnē (Hawaiian goose) are being negatively affected by eating cat food and interacting with feral cats. Queens’ Marketplace, […]

Nēnē death sparks call for action in Keaukaha

March 7, 2023 Link to article (paywall) PDF copy of article TLDR; Non-profits and bird enthusiasts are urging government officials to address traffic issues in Keaukaha after a nene (native Hawaiian goose) was killed by a driver. The Mattisons, founders of the ‘Aina Ho’ola Initiative, have been working to restore Lokowaka Pond for native bird […]